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comming soon...

Current Residence: Germany
Personal Quote: "Holy Crap is that a postcard? Holy Crap that IS a postcard!"


Not that I even had any Poll to begin with, just a sample of what people seem interested in.

Results are... very... strange

The Comic got 3 votes.
The Shoot'em'up seems only to be interesting for people I know that like shoot'em'ups. 4,5 votes.
The Jump and Run, only slightly won... with 5,5 votes.

With that... I guess I will be focusing on the Jump and Run, exploration-like... story driven (please support my kickstarter even though I have nothing to show) game.

Joking aside, this game will probably not be done any time soon.
While I already have some ideas for the beginning part (including a teaser demo, which will probably only last 10 minutes), I might only finish the first chapter by the end of 2016. I don't know if I will release these chapters individually or as a whole package... but that would be the difference between releasing a game 8% finished and waiting 15 months... probably.

Since this is just a side-project and I have no previous experience with game designing (except "learning by doing"-coding on a Touhou Fan-Engine) the goal of "early 2018" sounds like a pipe-dream.
I have so many cool things with great ideas, that I want to work on, but I cannot decide what to prioritize on...

So I decided to start a roll call and ask you for help setteling on this.
Whice of these would you like for me to work on and finish in 2016?

Idea 1: Comic with new* Characters, set in a world with monsters using human disguises
# GOAL: Will be releasing a teaser "one off" chapter before the end of the year.

Idea 2: Shoot'em'up with new* stage structure and progressive shottype upgrades
# GOAL: Will try to create a near complete/bug-free version till the end of 2016

Idea 3: Jump'n'Run Platformer with new* mechanics to distance itself from being "another mario clone"
# GOAL: Beta/Bugfree version at end of 2016

Of course all of these need good Character designs and story structure, because I don't want to create a sub-par product, which should take a bit to work on, compared to a lame 24-hour meme-game.

So please, help me decide on it.

* = might not be groundbreaking, but atleast create a unique mechanic.
Commissions Open! by DanieluYoshikoto

For more information please follow the image.

Current slots:
Commissions Open! by DanieluYoshikoto
Commissions Open!
I decided, that after a while... I should probably open commissions.
Right now I am not going to place my prices too high, since I am not sure of my own ability yet.

Lineart: Simple drawing of the character, with lines finalized with a 3B-5B pencil.
Colored: Simple drawing of the character, colored with color-pencils and optional black outlines.

Drawings will be small sketches done on DIN A5 pages. (usually less)

If you would like to have a commission please send me a note.

Currently my rules are:
Nothing too violent or nude. Mostly these apply due to my lack of knowledge in these areas.
No Deviantart Points. I have no use for them, since I prefer being payed for my work.
Commission price counts for 1 character. If you'd like a group drawing it's simply "Character X price".
1 Slot, multiple characters. In case of a group drawing, it will only take 1 spot, as it's only 1 short drawings

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